Wine Culture


The village of Lamole is a truly magical land full of history and stories: stories of men, passion and work. Here are some of the most interesting and least famous of them......

The wine of Lamole

Egg-shaped barrel

Since August 2014, in the original winery of Lamole in Lamole, this innovative egg-shaped barrel has had a prime, yet contrasting, position. The purpose of this novel barrel, produced by the French Transaud cooperage based in Cognac, is not to modify the wood that is central to the refining and aging of the most prized wines.  The slow, constant convective motion of the wine inside the barrel improves its ...

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The land of Lamole

Iris of Lamole 

If you are one of the people who rightly identifies the iris as the symbol of Florence (and not the lily) you definitely can't miss out on a visit to Lamole, one of the last locations in Italy where this beautiful flower, whose health and medicinal properties have been renowned since Ancient Egyptian times,  is still cultivated. The parts used of the iris of Florence (one of the ...

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Faces of Lamole

Oriana Fallaci, Lamolese DOC

The Italian broadcasting company, Rai, dedicated a mini-series to her on channel one, centred around the life and carrier of the most famous Italian journalist, author of extremely beautiful reports full of civil passion and of thousands of interviews with the people that made the history of the 20th century. At some of the most important moments of her private and personal life, Oriana Fallaci, born in ...

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